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Smita Tijare

Creations had made a long journey of twenty years to come to the juncture of art gallery. For ‘Creations’, an art gallery is not just four start white walls waiting in anticipation for the exhibits to be seen for a few days and then wait again for the next. What difference would be is in the ambience it would provide fir the exhibits. It would also be a way of juxtaposing the modern cultural art with the variety of genres that would come in and have a market. A contrast of personalized and depersonalized art is a part of every interior.

Moreover, it has become a necessity for the media-exposed minds to see in person all that is going on in other metros and recreate it, so that a further motivation is obtained for the main source of art to develop further. Nagpur has had a very limited gallery culture. With the fast increasing dimensions of the city and the vast range of artistic taste art galleries do create their own importance. Located in the north east corner of the city, which is soon getting to look of a suburb, ‘Creations’ stands as a landmark. With an eye catching location in the main road, it becomes an advantage for the exhibits to be seen in public, but within the required boundaries for art always stands high in the eyes of a society.


Our Skills

The drapes from 'Creations'

The variations we've worked upon has ranged forth meeting the demands of versatility. Of mediums and the experimentation with variety of surfaces, we have left no medium untouched.

From acrylics to oils, from siporex to clay, pastels to dry medium, our works are a rigorous blend of styles, forms and mediums.

Though involved in traditional styles, we are still abreast with the academic styles. In the conditions where academic style comes in the form of education, and later on, the pressure of individual style, shifting lucidly from one premise of style to another is not unusual until it is brought about forcibly.

We have also followed the natural course of action on this plane and has remained faithful to the decorative aspect of Indian tradition. The tremendous force of our decorative style does not let us remain restricted to any particular surface. We have even ventured further on the front of fashion and clothing.

Our creations in the past 20 years

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